Roots Studio — The Booking Agency for Reggae & Dub Artists & DJs

Roots Studio acts as an artist promoter & booking agent and works alongside reggae artists, bands, producers & sound systems. We positively promote roots reggae music & strive for all artists in all genres to be given a voice and platform to perform their talents. For more information on the artists/sound systems below please go their individual profiles and check out the very talented people we work alongside.

Roots Studio Biography

Roots Studio is a booking agency for artists & DJ’s who work in the Reggae & Dub arenas. We also work with up & coming artists, DJ’s & producers, our aim is to give all ‘Bass Culture’ genres a platform to be heard by all and to be promoted positively on all media.

In the earlier years from 2001 – 2005 Roots Studio was a weekly event for reggae & dub lovers in the bar of a well-known recording studio – The Strongroom Studios in East London – and this is where the name Roots Studio came from – Roots in the Studio! This night became a very successful event during which many people came to meet up - those already working within the music industry and those who came to enjoy a night out with friends. After the closure of the bar in 2003, we took the weekly event to other venues within the Shoreditch & Hackney areas. Also promoting one off events at Cargo in Old Street & The Concorde in Brighton. From 2005 onwards Roots Studio has progressed to manage several well-known UK reggae singers, & act as booking agent for DJ’s, sound systems and music producers, As in the ever changing world of the music industry there have been changes along the way............

From 2013 we are moving forwards to continue to work with the prolific & well versed Afrikan Simba who is currently working on his album to be released in the summer. Also with Dukie Dread of Step Farwaard Productions & his new productions are hitting the airwaves & causing much interest and vibes. With an office in Sweden we will be introducing Sswedish artists along the way – these include Rabanna I – originally from Jamaica – cousin of the late great Dennis Brown. We also will be working alongside Mr ‘Golden Ears’ – aka Youth, who over the years has produced many well known artists in many genres whose work includes artists - The Verve, Embrace, Howie Day, The Orb & too many to mention here. He has also produced many reggae artists who include – the late great Bim Sherman, Brother Culture & worked alongside Nick Manasseh & Adrian Sherwood. As well as producing, Youth tours with his band Killing Joke & also DJ’s with the Dub Genres crossing over with trance, ambient & roots reggae vibes.

Roots Studio will continue to work alongside emerging talent and to date we regularly travel within Europe to promote the talents of those we work with. Please refer to the section - ‘Artist/DJ’s’ page for details & info on all artists we have the pleasure to work alongside.
Please feel free to contact us through the contact page for any artist information and bookings. We also will be planning record releases in 2013 - so keep up the link with us at the website or through the Facebook/My Space/Twitter pages!

Many blessings to all those we have met & whose talents have inspired us along the way……..